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Once upon a time somewhere in the spring of 2000 A.D, a guy named Sumner decided to start a band. He recruited his friends Squirrel and Jonothan. They called themselves Nautilus. They covered everything from The Who to Blink182 and they really sucked. Around September of 2000 Squirrel's friend Bob joined the band because his former band Flimmer had just broken up and he was looking for a group of talented musicians to exchange creative vibes with. As time rolled on the other three band members decided that Jonothan sucked ass at drums (at punk at least, supposedly he's experienced in the world of jazz) and threw him out. At the turn of the new year Tuba joined the group and they changed their name to Nullified. The four strapping young men worked and worked and after what seemed like forever they finally felt ready to play a gig. Then there was an incedent involving illegal substances and a stolen car and Sumner's nazi ass of a dad made him quit the band and forbid him from ever seeing Bob or Squirrel again. So the band was left with only one guitarist and no singer. Their friend Buffybags joined in on guitar and he and Bob both attempt to sing. That's the whole story as of now. -June 2001

Then Bags was booted for uh, reasons. -August 2001

Then Daniel joined in on vocals. -September 2001